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       *******BRAND NEW COURSE*******

Ethics in Social Media:This is a brand new course for 2018-19 designed to meet the general ethics requirement. Companies and CPA firms are increasingly using social media to market their services, give advice or just tell "their story". Whether you currently use or are considering using Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, You Tube, Pinterest, Flickr or any of the many other social media platforms, it is critical that you understand the risks of social media as well as the benefits. 


2018 California Regulatory Review Course:This Board approved course meets the California requirement for a two (2)-hour examination of the California Accountancy Act's rules and regulations. The course is entitled, "California Regulatory Review: Straightforward and Simple" and is designed to clearly present the key regulatory issues facing California CPAs and provide you with a quick resource when you need it most. Click here.

2018 General Ethics Course:This course is case study driven and designed to meet the new California “general” ethics requirement of four hour of ethics education, needed every renewal period. It also meets the requirements of those other states that do not have a state-specific course requirement. Click here.

2018 Accounting Fraud: What We Can Do Better: 
This course points out the huge disconnect between the expectations and reality of what's truly effective in detecting and preventing fraud. It is designed to assist accountants in industry, government and public practice with identifying the places where fraud will most likely occur. Anyone who becomes aware of a possible fraudulent situation ignores the implications at their own peril. The course makes liberal use of case studies and provides participants with proven methodologies to detect and prevent fraud. Click here.

2018 Identifying Fraud Risks:This course is designed to assist CPAs in industry, government and public practice with identifying the places where fraud will most likely occur. You will learn about a CPA who crossed the line and be asked what to do if someone at your organization made a decision that put your organization at risk.Click here.


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" The scenario-based teaching style was wonderful. This was the best course I have taken from you. It was well written. The scenario-based teaching style held my interest and was very helpful for understanding the material" - CPE tester for PASSOnline (a Division of Thomson Reuters)

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