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"Art made the Ethics seminar very interesting & fun. He covered the material completely. I am looking forward to attending another of his seminars!" – CM

"Mr. Berkowitz is one of the most effective instructional speakers I have had the opportunity to hear. He is an extremely valuable resource to the accounting profession." – KD

" One of the more enjoyable & useful seminars I’ve attended in a long time! Thanks, Art!" – CL

"All questions were welcomed. He treats all with mutual respect. Even with his extensive background and qualifications, he does not talk down to his attendees." – ED

"The 24 hour A&A requirement could be reduced to 8 if this were the one." – CW

"I came to the seminar as a tax practitioner seeking only hours of CPE…I got more out of the day than I do from most tax seminars." – BG

"Great Financial Planning course! Great instructor!" – MR

"Art was a superb speaker – best accounting speaker I have ever experienced." – MT

"Although I had not planned to drive so far, when I heard that Art Berkowitz was the speaker I decided to come here because I was familiar with his outstanding presentations." – HG

"I was dreading this (Ethics) seminar, but Art made it worthwhile." – BF

"This was the first time I attended a seminar by Art. He held my attention for the entire 8 hours. I came away from this seminar with a wealth of new information." – GR

"I like the format of the workbook – it’s so much better than bulky binders. I liked the personalization of materials and the credibility that the instructor still practices." - TL

"I would certainly take other courses from Art Berkowitz." – PA

"Great presentation and he made the effort to gear it to his audience." – FF

"Very valuable course even for a tax partner who does a small number of compilations. I learned things that will benefit the whole firm." – PL

"This was the first time I stayed awake during an accounting & auditing course. Kudos to Art & Spidell." – HL

"This course was perfect to keep me current on A&A issues. I’m a sole practitioner who doesn’t do any audits and I’m pleased to have found an A&A course aimed at my needs. I’ll be back!"-KL

" Excellent class! Timely, relevant, thought-provoking, stimulating! Thanks for fitting the class to our specific needs and for being so current with your data and how it relates to us as practitioners. In addition, Art did an excellent job of pulling us out of the nitty gritty details of our work and forcing us to look at the big picture of what we’re trying to accomplish." - SB

" Excellent job of holding attendees attention for an 8 hour seminar!" – SC

" Provided a lot of information that applies to the real world and our current clients. Very practical information!" – HS

" First seminar with Art Berkowitz – Excellent. Look forward to taking additional seminars from him in the future." – GG

" Very well presented. Kept awake for the entire course (first time ever)!" – WH

" I was surprised at the knowledge I gained and how much I enjoyed the course!" – DB

"Art was very easy to follow & energetic. Especially liked the discussion questions." – BS

"One of the best A&A programs attended in 10 years. Compliments to Art Berkowitz." – DR

"Best accounting class I’ve ever been to. Much better than I expected!" – RN

"This Ethics presentation was excellent. I learned a lot today." – DH

"Art was great, as he always is!" - JE


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